I am still working on getting all different aspects of this job going on. I have been working on things of most importance first. Since my time in office I have not been keeping up with the “Behind On Dues List”. For years members have told me ” If there was just a way to pay by setting it up and forgetting it” they would jump on board. Well its here mylink.iuec.org. That being said. There is that, Zelle is still being used, checks and Money orders are still being accepted. Starting in 2024 those not making attempt to get caught up on a payment plan will be suspended then expelled, like the local is suppose to be doing. The list of those not  paying will be posted on the site and other locations. This is Fair warning !!. so when the Second Quarter rolls around and your name gets posted there should be no reason to get mad at anyone but yourself. We came here because of the Union Benefits with great Pay and Heath and Pension Benefits. Please lets all get on the same page. Take Care and Be Safe. Tommy