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Mileage Rate

The current IRS mileage rate is 65.5 cents per mile.


The following people have passed the Mechanic’s Exam so far this year: James Abrahall, Zack Creech, B.J. El-Ferkh, Kyle Griffin, Timothy Holmes, Frank Mabes, Luke Mishoe, Ned Parsons, Corey Patrick, Daniel Preziosi, Corey Pullin, Sean Smith, Blake Townsend, T.J. Willett, Daniel Wright, Jeff Wilson, Travis Wylie. Congratulations!


Here is the paid holiday schedule for the rest of the year: Because Christmas Day is on Sunday, it is observed on Monday, December 26. Persons on 4-tens jobs get ten hours pay. Everyone else gets eight hours pay. Because New Year’s Day is on Sunday, it is observed on Monday, January 2. Persons on […]

2023 Wages

2023 WAGES The 2023 wage package has been confirmed. Mechanic $46.83 MIC $52.68 Year 4 and Assistant Mechanic $377.46 Year 3 $32.78 Year 2 $30.34 Year 1 $25.76 Probationary $23.42. Benefits package increases by $. 85 including an annuity increase of $0.30 to $9.80.