First of all, I would like to say thanks to those who pay and are working on getting back current on their dues. Secondly, setting a false rumor straight. I pay dues as well as other members. I paid for my 2nd quarter card about 3 weeks ago. Third, I have been stating for months that this coming quarter I will create a new list (which will be posted) and start suspending and expelling those not participating. As of this minute all cards have been sent out that are paid for. I am looking at about 200 cards sitting here for QTR. 2, 2024. I am also looking at a little over 100 cards from previous quarters( roughly $54,000.00 behind)+( roughly $114,000.00 due). Brothers and sisters, at the trend we are going, don’t be shocked that when 2025 gets here, we have to double the cost of Dues for those who are paying them. In order to pay the business expenses to keep this Local open and to cover the cost of those not paying dues to receive better benefits than you or I, this could become a reality. If we could all work together to do our part ( according to the Oath we all swore) the impact of coming changes could help all of us to keep our dues at a minimum. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. Please share this information with others. Tommy.