Starting 1st quarter of 2024 Members at last union meeting voted to Stop giving a credit of $25 dollars for paying dues on time. However for each quarter in 2024 there will be a $25 dollar credit given each quarter to those who are utilizing the new payment system we have set up. Some have already been using the U-Pay system and are enjoying it after setting it up,  not having a big payment at once, or forgetting to pay and get behind. We would like to see many more get set up, simply for the ease of seeing Statements, Current Balances, and how charges are broken down and other information dealing with union . Please keep in mind Dues are due at the beginning of the quarter. if you are going to set up weekly payments you need a zero balance at the start of one quarter then immediately start doing the weekly payments in order to have the 13 weeks it takes to accumulate enough dues for the next quarter. You can Route the payment system to an account and have payments drafted by the week, by the month, or by the quarter, or just make a one time payment. You can also use a credit or Debit card on the site to pay, but I do not recommend that because the fee attached is 3.8%. The fee to make other payments is .75%. Statements will not be mailed out going forward its too costly. Any members can log in to see their current balance. If I have your email address in the Ulink System you will receive it in Email form as well. Please consider signing up. The site is you will need your international number or Ulink ID if you do not have an International number yet.