Recruitment 2024 Update

Our 2024 Recruitment has ended. We will  administer  the EIAT test, to the individuals that have successfully completed the process, on Friday, March 22, 2024 at the Garner hall. After that event applicants will be informed of when the interviews will be held.

Wage Rates Effective Jan, 1, 2024

2024 Wages Starting Jan 1, 2024 the wage rates for Local 80 are as follows: Mechanic= $48.92  MIC= $55.04  Year 4 & Assistant Mechanic= $39.14  Year 3= 34.24  Year 2= 31.80  Year 1= 26.91  Probationary= $24.46.  The Benefits package will be increased by $0.85 including an annuity increase of $0.30 to be $10.10 per hour.

New Mechanics for 2023 !!!

The following 24 people have passed the Mechanic’s Exam so far this year: Jonathan Anderson, Michael Barletta, Jeff Bean, Colin Brown, David Chameli, Michael Ellis, Josiah Grady, Christopher Hill, Jamie Holder, Dave Hughes. William Irizarry, Samuel Jacobs, Darryl Kreilick, Noah Malpass, James Martin, Miles Morton, James Pata, Patric Peebles, Michael Renzi, Thomas Snider, Nicholas Stoneking, […]

Holiday Pay

For Up coming holidays are as follows: Monday, Memorial Day (May 27), Those working 4-tens will take off that day with 10 hours of holiday pay. The rest will take off that day with 8 hours of holiday pay. Thursday, Independence Day (July 4), Those working 4-tens will take off that day with 10 hours […]

Mileage Rate Increase

The Mileage rate starting January 1, 2024 will be 67.0 cents per mile.

Behind on Dues Information

I am still working on getting all different aspects of this job going on. I have been working on things of most importance first. Since my time in office I have not been keeping up with the “Behind On Dues List”. For years members have told me ” If there was just a way to […]

Dues with Discount

Starting 1st quarter of 2024 Members at last union meeting voted to Stop giving a credit of $25 dollars for paying dues on time. However for each quarter in 2024 there will be a $25 dollar credit given each quarter to those who are utilizing the new payment system we have set up. Some have […]

Union Meeting March 2024

The Union meeting for Local 80 will be held at the Teamster Hall in Colfax on the second Fridays of the months at 6:30PM. Our next meeting will be March 8th at 6:30Pm. There will NOT be an informational meeting in Garner for the month of March. We hope to have a meeting in April. […]